Washington’s Lottery Coming Here

Washington’s Lottery announced the coincidence of Power Ball and Mega Millions in February this year with “It’s Coming, It’s Here”, an animated television commercial directed by PES. PES uses everyday objects, such as corn forks, thermos flasks, white gloves, computer keyboards to produce a world in which red and yellow balls gather together for a showdown.

Washington State Lottery It's Coming, It's Here

Click on the image below to play the video.


The ad was developed at Cole & Weber United by creative director Scott Fero, executive producer Pete Anderson, copywriter Jacob Baas, agency producer Matt Ralston.

Animation was directed by PES (Adam Pesapane) via Anonymous Content with executive producer Danielle Peretz, executive producer/head of commercials Dave Morrison, head of production Sue Ellen Clair, producer Scott Pourroy and production supervisor Jeremy Ellis.

Editor was Sam Welch via Homestead Editorial. Post production and effects were produced at LA Liquid. Sound was designed at Lime Studios. Music was produced at Analogue Muse.