Volkswagen Supports Independent Cinema

Volkswagen’s Independent Cinema Sponsorship series was given the nod of approval in the 2010 D&AD Awards (Design and Art Direction) this week with three of the set being included in the Annual in the Magazines Press Advertising Colour section. The campaign presented insurance claims that may have been filled out by people affected by the action in Terminator, Speed, King Kong, Gremlins, Back to the Future and Toy Story, winning Silver for Best Press campaign at the Creative Circle Awards earlier this year. Terminator, Speed and King Kong were recognized as potential Pencil winners at the D&AD Awards in London. Final winners will be announced on June 3. “See Film Differently”. Click on the ads below for best resolution.

Volkswagen Terminator Insurance Form

Volkswagen Gremlins Insurance Form

Volkswagen Speed Insurance Form

Volkswagen Back to the Future Insurance Form

Volkswagen Toy Story Insurance Form

Volkswagen Toy Story Insurance Form


The Independent Cinema Sponsorship campaign was developed for Volkswagen at DDB London, by creatives Steve Hall and Daniel Seager, executive creative director Jeremy Craigen, typographer/designer Pete Mould and illustrator Alex Price.

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