Volkswagen Enjoy the Silence

Volkswagen celebrates the quiet driving experience of the new 2010 Volkswagen Mk6 Golf in this print advertising campaign from South Africa, with a nod to the era of black and white silent movies. “Meanwhile, the tone-deaf busker sang Buffalo Soldier on this three string guitar.” “The Chihuahua yapped shrilly from the handbag of a Paris Hilton look-a-like.” “Just then, the obnoxious car pumping 90’s Rave drove past.” The tag line for each ad: “Enjoy the silence. The quetest cabin in the class. New Golf.”

Volkswagen Golf Rave

Volkswagen Golf Paris Hilton Chihuahua

Volkswagen Golf Busker


The Silence campaign was developed at Ogilvy South Africa, Cape Town, by executive creative director Chris Gotz, creative group head Jamie Mietz, copywriter Peri van Papendorp, art directors Jamie Mietz and Michael Lees-Rolf.