Vodafone Delights – Little Things You Do

Vodafone India is promoting “Delights”, a world of exclusive deals and discounts, with a TV advertising campaign featuring school girls in black and white films. “Classroom”, “Cycles” and “Annual Day” show the emotional response associated with receiving special gifts.

Vodafone Delights

Click on the image below to play the Classroom video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Cycle video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Annual Day video in YouTube


The Delights campaign was developed at Ogilvy India, Mumbai.

Filming was shot by director Prakash Varma via Nirvana Films, Bangalore.

  • Garay

    Hi, there.
    Who did the music? Where can I find it?

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    the song the music the overall thing is awesome i just flattered to this…. i luv delights

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    Can’t say it enough; it’s absolutely wonderful.

  • Leeladhar

    Its very delights, i like it

  • harika

    very cool and heart touching ….
    by seeing these seen’s i am missing all my friend’s

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  • onkar

    whuz da pretty gal….nice act….wud like to c her as da rising star…!

  • shubham agrawal

    very good i like it

  • shoshone

    i need proper information about vodafone delights
    is there any charges to register or for anything we do with vodafone delights

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    what is vodafon delights

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    jussssssssss luv that ad

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    The litl girl is so preety..would like to hv a daughter like her..

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    i love the video

  • Krishna pandey

    How to activate vodafone delight

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    itz……..good how can i active delight……….plz help me…….

  • irfan

    hooooooooooooooo……….the gil yaa…..me liking her

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    Nothing is briefed about vodafone delights

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    how can use ??????????

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