Vodafone Cheer Up Ireland

Vodafone in Ireland has been using the month of January, the middle of winter, to cheer up the Irish. The 40% free call credit promotion, “Cheer Up Your Top Up”, has been associated with a photography competition and urban knitting. The photography competition, with a prize of a 3000 Euro shopping spree, calls for photographs that could be used to cheer up the Irish. See the Flickr Cheer Up Ireland slideshow for a taste of what’s come in already.

Vodafone Cheer up Ireland photo from Flickr channel slideshow

Urban knitters cheer up Ireland for Vodafone

The ‘Operation Cheer Up’ knitting campaign was inspired by the urban knitting scene which originated in the US in 2005 where anonymous knitters leave knitted graffiti on monuments and landmarks throughout a city.


The Cheer Up Ireland campaign was developed at DDFH&B Dublin, by creatives Gavin O’Sullivan and Ro Mahon, agency producer Aisling O’Dwyer.

Filming for “Pearl” was shot in Dublin in December by director Johnny Maginn via H2 Films, Dublin, with producer Jack Armstrong, director of photography Darren Tiernan.

Audio was produced at The Base. Post production was done at Screen Scene by editor Tom O’Flaherty, colourist Gary Curran, Flame artist Mark Bailey and Dolby mixer Ken Galvin.

Music is “Barcelona” by French band Plastiscines.

The photograph featured above is “Eve’s New Glasses” by Gingerpixel Claire Wilson.