Virtual Light Switch for Earth Hour

Earth Hour, the global consciousness raising event, is being given a plug with “Virtual Light Switch“, a Facebook application for need support in turning off their lights. Featured on the Earth Hour Facebook site, the app provides visitors with a choice of light switch styles (from chrome to pull chain) and room décor (from Warehouse Studio to Nana Doris’ House) before practicing flicking for the big night on 27 March, 2010.

Virtual Light Switch


The Virtual Light Switch was developed at Wunderman, Sydney.

“I once heard Todd Sampson, co-founder of the Earth Hour initiative, give a seminar on the origin of Earth Hour and how they needed the call-to-action to be so simple to turn apathy into action,” said Wunderman Creative Director, Matt Batten. “This year, Wunderman wanted to do something that returned to that simplicity. How hard is it to flick a light switch?”

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