United States of Tara Out of the Box

The second season of the United States of Tara was promoted recently with a 55 second promo demonstrating the multiple personality disorder of main character Tara Gregson, played by Emmy award-winner Toni Collette. Out of the Box is a rapid-paced overview of Tara’s mind, told through scenes contained within a rotating cube. As the cube revolves, various environments are revealed, each one holding one of the Tara’s alters or representing a memory from her family life.

US of Tara Crayons

Among the scenes, this colorful mix of live action and CG portrays Tara’s alters: “Buck” the tough alpha male, “Alice” a June Cleaver-like vixen, “T” a mischievous adolescent flirt, and, finally, “Shoshanna” a new alter who will be introduced in this upcoming season.

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The Out of the Box trailer was developed by the United States of Tara team at Showtime Networks, by senior creative director Erik Friedman, writer/producer Vedia Ayvaz, art director Tony Castellano, line producers Lorraine O’Connor and Diana Roach.

Filming and post production at Blind, Santa Monica, was shot and produced by director/effects creative director/lead designer/compositor/3D modeler Tom Koh with director of photography Bengt Jonsson, executive producer David Kleinman, line producer John Gomez, production supervisor Alisa Kimble, editor Carsten Becker, assistant editor Lin Wilde, producer Keith Bryant, head of production Amy Knerl, FX supervisor Greg Lukomski, designers Steve Pacheco, lead animator/compositor/3D modeler Jason Kim, designer/3D animator/compositor/ Matthew Encina, 3D animator/compositor/3D modeler Penny Zee Nederlander, 3D modeler Nick Smith, CG tracking Greg Lukomski, and Rotoscoping artists Owen Hammer and Lin Wilde.

To facilitate the rapid shoot, Blind minimized the props – beds, tables, couches – on the set, shooting all of the live action against a green screen and adding the bulk and detail into the scenes in post with flawless CG. The rooms themselves were built entirely in CG, and Koh’s team lit, textured, and animated them through a combination of CINEMA 4D and Maya. All other post work was done in-house, including 3D animation, color correction, lighting and compositing with a combination of AfterEffects and Flame.

Sound was designed at Broadway Sound by sound designer and mixer John Crenshaw.

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