Uniqlo Lucky Machine

Japanese fashion line Uniqlo has relaunched its UK site with the Lucky Machine, a pinball flash-based game offering players the chance to win huge prizes and online UNIQLO products. The Lucky Machine game offers UK customers the chance to win a £1,000 cash prize, as well as online discount vouchers from £5 up to £100. There are three stages of play and each customer is given three balls. To get more balls, players simply have to invite their friends to play the game via Facebook or Twitter. The more friends you invite, the more chance you have at winning! LUCKY MACHINE was launched on the same day as the new UNIQLO ecommerce website on September 9 and will run until October 1, 2010, with the discount codes issued valid until the end of November.

Uniqlo Lucky Machine

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The Lucky Machine feature adds to the earlier Lucky Counter campaign in which users of the site were invited to vote on items that should be reduced in priced for the re-opening on September 9. Their choices were associated with Twitter messages.

UNIQLO Lucky Counter

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  • Holly

    Lucky Machine is a great example of how simple viral campaigns can be so effective. Who would’ve thought that a digital pinball machine would create so much hype? UNIQLO’s Lucky Counter was especially clever as it not only encouraged fans to increase social media presence for the brand, it also ensured a large number of visitors to the new website on the day of launch. UNIQLO’s whole brand image seems to follow this pattern of simple quirkiness, including the men’s and women’s clothing.