Toyota Ideas for Good

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A. is rolling out “Ideas for Good”, a new brand campaign centred on the connection between its innovative automotive technology and benefits to society in the non-automotive space. Members of the public are inspired by the advertising campaign to find new, non-automotive applications for five distinct Toyota technologies to ultimately benefit society. The campaign utilizes broadcast, print and online mediums to showcase five Toyota technologies: Total HUman Model for Safety (THUMS), Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD), Solar Powered Ventilation System, Touch Tracer Display, and Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS). The public can learn about Toyota’s technologies and how to share their ideas at, with ideas submitted before February 28, 2011 to be evaluated by independent judges. Winners of the challenge have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life by participating in a design session.

Toyota Ideas for Good site

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To help inspire viewers’ imaginations, the first of three TV commercials features a real world application of THUMS technology used by Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The two future commercials will show how Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive and Solar Powered Ventilation System technologies could be repurposed to benefit the community and encourage participation in the “Ideas for Good” challenge.

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., is using Toyota’s Total HUman Model for Safety (THUMS) software to study head injuries sustained by football players. THUMS, originally developed to simulate vehicle crash-related injuries, was shared with Wake Forest to allow researchers to model head injuries and study how hits on the football field can affect athletes. Wake Forest researchers hope the THUMS software will help find ways to prevent and treat head injuries, and create even safer football helmets. Recent concern with football-related head injuries has further emphasized the importance of their study. Click on the image below to play the Football video in YouTube

When Yellowstone National Park set out to build a new visitor education center, the vision of the design team was to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) environmentally responsible Silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards. Toyota encouraged the park to set its goal higher after hosting a tour of the Gold LEED campus headquarters in Torrance, Calif. Toyota shared its environmental-building insights and technology with the park’s architects. Toyota also donated $1 million to the Yellowstone Park Foundation, completing the $15 million of private funding needed to start the construction. In August, Yellowstone exceeded the Silver goal, achieving a Gold LEED certification by the USGBC. Come back later for the video.

Toyota Ideas for Good site


The Ideas for Good campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Los Angeles.

  • Joy Harder

    I have 2 great ideas, an ad on feature to the car and my whole family thinks it is GREAT! However I can’t share it because of my fear that it can get stolen. Can someone call me and we’ll talk what the deal would be? For me, a lot of people would love this feature and would definitely increase your sales. My no. is 818-822-4838. FYI: I had a lot of ideas before and didn’t do anything about it and now it is on the market making profit 🙁


    Being a senior citizen existing on a fixed income, i do not have the finances to produce a working prototype of my theoretical idea, but i am convinced, that the idea is feasable. It is in principle, An ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLE, that once charged , would be SELF REGENERATING, eliminating the need for the vast ammounts of OIL needed to-day. In the process of aquiring a patent,i submit my theory(in part) for your opinion.. If interested contact my E-MAIL address for more information. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND ALL YOUR COLEAGUES H.C.W.

    • C. Jones

      Mr. Watkins,
      I think you’re on the right track. It is reminicent of an idea I had years ago when my Physics and Engineering friends in colloge told me that a REGENERATING

      • C. Jones

        that a regenerating electric engine was not was not possible because of some electrical property that dissipates the exchange of electrical power between terminals. Yet here we are with electrical cars. I wonder if there is a less contaminating power than nuclear power that could be contained in miniature to run cars or smaller machines?

  • claude hublot

    Users ideas are most simple and the best…I have an idea but I cannot share it , it is so good , modern, ecologique, economic….and bright

  • R Lyons

    In the 60’s we had hood scoops It has only one opening and is closed on all other sides. Its main function is to allow a direct flow of air to the engine, hence the need for it to be upraised so as to effectively channel air to the engine compartment. Now take that same idea not sure if it could help you out but your welcome to try to run the electrical cars, the wind mills uses air to turn the propellors

  • theresa

    I have an idea and also a legal patent on my idea. I’m in the process of having the software for my idea made. If Toyota would install my device in their autos, other auto makers would soon follow. My plan is to have each and every state to make my device mandatory in all vehicles new and used. If you would like to hear more about my idea please e-mail me at

  • IPLawyer

    LOL…Toyota campaign basically asks for you to make an improvement patent for them, all wrapped up in an altruistic blanket. Really kinda gotta give it to them. If you have a patent already filed, you cannot be a finalist in this contest. If you do not sign the assignment of rights (I assume to Toyota) you cannot be a finalist. What you get for your idea is potentially, and its not really spelled out in the rules, the publicity. If that’s worth it, then good luck to ya.




  • Nik frank

    How about figuring out a way to sell me a car that doesnt greatly endanger my life and others in my vehicle!! Today my accelerator pedal got stuck!! So fix this before your technology tries to fix the world! Sorry but this is how i feel! I no longer want the car u built, so come get it!!

  • Mrs S. Hull

    I have an idea to keep our infants/small children and pets from dying when left in an overheated vehicle by accident. Who can I run this idea by.

  • jim whitmer

    I have invented and patented an alternating valve engine that will drasticaly improve fuel mileage in a small or medium sized car; perhaps as much as double. Am building the prototype now. Have spent about $5000 so far and hope to complete the first working unit with another $5000. Am retired and lack funds. Will sell the entire idea (or protoype car) for peanuts, if I can retain a royality. I will share “how it works” with anyone who asks…thanks…jim whitmer… 405 751 4521

  • jim whitmer

    RE: Alternating valve engine. my e-mail is

  • Michael DeVito

    Why don’t auto manufacturers install a carbon monoxide detectors in each new vehicle. The device could be inconspicuously placed in the passenger area and give a voice command (i.e. Open window immediately elevated CO levels detected) so as not to startle the driver. The power source could be the car’s battery. Perhaps a CO detector in each new toyota could pave the way for the auto industry to follow suit and maybe save a few lives.

  • john tyler ross

    i have had this idea for a while now to make a car run off of magnets i thought i was the only one to think of this but im ppl have already built this and nobody(toyota,nissan,chevrolet,ext) has done anything whit it.and i think its time we use this technology for the better here is some videos of this already built our natural resources ARE! running out its time we do somthing about it!!!!!! look at this plz it change the world

  • Ryan M Schultz

    Has anyone tried liqiud driven transmissons. I think it would help with smoother shifiting. If we can make pump to produce thousands of pounds of lifting. We can design one to work 4 tires on a vehicle. I think this would help alot!! I also have an Idea about a engine that can run on postive and negtive magnetics. IM still trying to see if its possible just dont have the funds to design these things. Thanks

  • Solar hot water;LEDs light;4 hot tub 4 disabled or pain.Fans 2 ventalate;swim pool Juice bar Outer space deco

  • Theresa Anderson

    I think it would be a good Idea to have the reverse cameras also have a voice that says stop. Why because a toyota hit me in a parking lot and all the old guy could say was sorry he didnt notice me in the camera soon enough. The brain reacts to the word stop within seconds. So this feature would be a good thing to have when the vehicle is that close to anything it could hit.

  • tommy nguyen

    I’m sure you guys at Toyota get these types of emails all day long. However, I truly believe I have really good concepts that many people may agree on. I have 3 ideas that can be easily incorporated into any model to give it an extra edge in luxury. One has to do with the sound system, one is for cleanliness, and the last but most innovative deals with everyday commuters (I would imagine a large market of people to sell to with this idea). All of these ideas are not expensive to build in and the materials are not much. I would love the opportunity to talk to anyone that could help me with the steps to submit me ideas. Thanks.