Tooheys in the Lab with Danimals

Lion Nathan is rolling out a new phase in The Lab, the culmination of a five month integrated advertising campaign for Tooheys Extra Dry featuring musician and music producer Mark Ronson. The campaign began in 2009 with a call for entries in a competition for Australian bands to get a chance to work with Ronson in The Lab in New York, along with John Taylor of Duran Duran, Alex Greenwald and Santigold. Ronson’s choice, Sydney band Danimals, has recorded “Fox”, the soundtrack for a set of commercials/music videos. TED The Lab, online at, provides a suite of unique content and behind the scenes footage from The Lab.

TED The Lab site

Click on the image below to play the What Is The Lab video.

Click on the image below to play Ronson’s Winner Announcement video.

Click on the image below to play the Blue Eyes commercial in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Pegby commercial in YouTube

“The Lab has provided people with the chance to see a very raw and truthful representation of the creative process,” said Adam Zammit of Peer Group. “A fly-on-the-wall documentary, to be released in April, will take people on the journey we have all been through over the last five months, from the very first planning meeting right through to the TV campaign.”


The Lab advertising campaign was developed at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative directors Warren Brown and Simon Langley, creative team Paul Bruce, Dean Barry and Frederick Hunt.

Filming was shot by The Glue Society via Revolver.

The music and PR campaign was developed at Peer Group Media by CEO Adam Zammit, group account director Sarah Crane, creative director James Hodgson.

The documentary is being produced by director Morgan Jones, producer Alistair Ferrier, with editing done at The Editors.

PR and Publicity Manager was Hannah Cooper.

Online work was done by Holler Sydney by creative director Tim Buessing, designer Kerry Edwards, copywriter Tony Wild, senior project manager Mic Wernej, senior account director Suzette Mackenzie, account manager Rich Dredge, technical lead Carlos Arroyo, and Flash developers Lukasz Karluk, Shaun O’Connor.

Media Buying Agency was Zenith Optimedia. Below the Line agency was Momentum Worldwide.