TomTom Choose Your Destination with Star Wars Voices

TomTom portable GPS car navigation systems are heading down a science fiction route with the release of Voices from Star Wars, beginning with Darth Vader. Lord Vader commands you to turn to the Dark Side. Will you be able to resist as he guides you to your destination? Obi-Wan has taught you well but now it is time to choose your path. TomTom is continuing the trend with the release of C3PO in June, Yoda in July, and Han Solo in August. No sign of Princess Leia.

TomTom Star Wars page Choose Your Destination

Click on the image below to see Darth Vader in the recording studio in YouTube


The TomTom Voices campaign was developed at Pool Worldwide by creatives Hesling Reidinga and Nick Schonfeld.

Filming was shot by director Gerrit Willemsen (Willem Gerritsen) via Czar, Amsterdam.