Tine Milk Mountains

Tine Norske Meirier, a milk company in Norway, commissioned “Mountains”, the winner of a Gold Print award at the 2010 Epica Awards. The backs of three black and white cows are arranged to appear as mountains. “Has Norwegian nature got anything to do with how the milk tastes? The cows could probably have stood in the barn in the summer as well. But that wouldn’t make them happy. And we know that happy cows milk better than the sad ones. So it’s no wonder we let them out for eight weeks of summer holiday. In the mountains, woods and meadows they wander freely, doing whatever they want, in perhaps the world’s freshest air and greenest grass. Because we know that’s the way to keep them healthy and satisfied. And, last but not least: That’s what good milk is made of.”

Tine Milk Mountains of Cows


The Mountains ad was developed at Try Reklamebyrå, Oslo, by copywriter Lars Joachim Grimstad, art director Egil Pay, consultant Eivind Moe, project manager Cecilie Thue, photographer Ole Musken and graphic designer/illustrator Terje Johnsen.

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