Tim Hortons True Canadian Moments

Tim Horton’s, the Canada and USA coffee and doughnuts chain, is running “True Canadian Moments”, online at EveryCup.ca. Customers are able to tell their stories and upload videos and pictures. The site’s been given a boost with the airing of a 90 second commercial featuring a family reunion at a Canadian airport.

Tim Hortons True Canadian Moments

A 90 second television commercial, launched during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, follows a man as he prepares for the arrival of his wife and two children. It seems the family has been separated for some time, and after a tearful reunion at the airport, the man hands his wife a cup of Tim Hortons coffee and welcomes her to Canada, along with the winter coats they’ll need for their snowy new home.

Another commercial celebrates the game of hockey in the life of Canada.


The True Canadian Moments campaign was developed at JWT Canada.

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