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Think, the British road safety organisation, has launched “Think Biker”, an integrated advertising campaign designed to increase the safety of motorcyclists on the roads. In the “Named Riders” TV adverts bikers are shown with flashing neon lights attached to their bikes, revealing their names and aspects of their personality traits. The voiceover at the end asks drivers to look out for motorcyclists next time they’re out driving. The campaign also includes a Facebook site, print advertising and posters, along with online advertising.

Think Bikers Nick and Helen Met Online

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Visitors to the Think Biker Facebook page are invited to make their own profile pic to let their friends know they’re bikers.

Think Bikers Tom Shy Retiring Type


The Think Bikers campaign was commissioned by Think Head of Marketing Fiona Seymour, team head for adult road safety Camilla Wilkinson, and campaign manager Lauren Psyk.

AMV BBDO, London, by copywriter Phil Martin, art director Brian Campbell, agency planners Will Hodge and Andrew Phillips.

Media planners were Dayna Slate and Mark Hughes at Carat.

Filming was shot by director Kevin Thomas via Thomas Thomas Films, London, with producer Billy Jones

Post production was done at The Mill. Sound was produced at Wave Studios, London.

Music is “If you got to know me” by Steph Altman.

Click on the image below to play the “Making of” video (4:28) in YouTube