Their Pain is Your Pain

The empathetic nature of parents is targeted in this 2008 print advertising campaign for Childrens Panadol with the tagline, “Their pain is your pain”. Parents become so close to their children in their experience of pain that they fuse body parts, thumb, knee and head. The campaign was launched by GSK, the distributors for Panadol products in Singapore.

Panadol Knee Their Pain Is Your Pain

Panadol Thumb Their Pain Is Your Pain

Panadol Head Their Pain Is Your Pain


The Your Pain campaign was developed at Ogilvy Singapore, by executive creative director Todd Mccracken, creative director/art director/typographer Maurice Wee, creative director/copywriter Renee Lim, art director/typographer Roy Wisnu Hariadi, photographer Jonathan Tay and producer Isk.

  • Deux Doppel

    Interesting – the knee and thumb ads are so subtle you may not pick up on the merged bodies. You could easily just pass over to the next page. But the heads – there’s something a little disturbing about having heads merged together. Can’t put my finger on it what it is though.