The Road Accident Survivor

Sécurité Routière, the French Government’s Road Safety agency, has released a television commercial urging viewers to keep drunk drivers off the road. “Le rescapé” (The Survivor) shows a road accident victim in hospital, recovering from a leg amputation. Beside him in the hospital room is a friend urging him to find alternatives to driving drunk. Gradually, the effects of the accident are reversed. “A few words may be enough to save a life. Do not let somebody who was drunk behind the wheel again”.

Le rescapé in Securite Routiere pub

The hospital visitor tries everything he can think of to persuade the patient. “Maybe you should stay. You can sleep here if you want. We’ve had a drink, why take the risk? Or we can have someone take you. Imagine if you had an accident or you hurt someone else. I know you feel fine but you’re in no condition to drive”. Finally the patient sits up and says, “Yes you’re right, I’ll sleep here”.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Le rescapé was developed at Lowe Strateus, Paris, by creative director Vincent Behaeghel, creatives Aurelie Guilbeau; Frederic Rougier and agency producer Barbara Vaira.

Filming was shot by director Xavier Mairesse via Wanda Productions with producer Claude Fayolle.

Music composed by Dominique Rossi and produced at Capitaine Plouf.