The Power of Orange at Factory Design Labs

Denver advertising agency Factory Design Labs is continuing their re-branding with the new tagline, “Power of Orange.”, hosting two playful online commercials on their website, The playful clips, Powder and Leader, feature slow-motion sequences symbolically communicating the company’s visual capacity with the color orange as a catalyst behind unlikely scenarios.

Power of Orange

Powder takes place in a diner that quickly evolves into a bizarre hybrid of a rave party and a neighborhood pub when the patrons begin sniffing lines of a powerful orange powder off of their plates. Businessmen, families, police officers, and an ecstatic young couple all fall into states of elation as the staff continues to serve up mounds of the substance.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Leader is set around a sun-soaked summertime swimming pool surrounded by bikini-clad beauties who stare longingly, in sunglass-lowering disbelief, as a portly, stout man struts toward them. As he disrobes, exposing a sheaf of back hair and rolls of body fat, the women (along with the pool boy), gape, almost in ecstasy, at the one feature that obviates all the physical malformations: his orange Speedo.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Factory Design Labs team included creative director Steve Whittier, associate creative director/copywriter Dean Del Calzo, art directors Hoshi Ludwig, Chirag Ahir, Brett Lareau, producer Kristen Del Calzo.

Filming was shot in Los Angeles by Broadway Films director Jason Zada via Tool of North America with director of photography Ketil Dietrichson, executive producers Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt, Dustin Callif, producer Steven Steiner, production designer Andrew Baird.

Post production and editing work was done at Factory Design Labs.