The New Busy Rebranding Windows Live Hotmail

Microsoft is rolling out “New Busy”, an integrated campaign promoting the rebranding of Windows Live Hotmail. Windows Live has become the framework in which Microsoft users can gather all of their email clients, including Gmail and Yahoo! accounts. The “New Busy” campaign is about people who lead big, busy lives and love every minute of it. The online campaign,, will be supplemented with wildpostings, billboards, mall posters, taxi toppers, bus kings, bus shelters, bus wrappers, Pedicabs, coffee sleeves, napkins, coasters, water stencils and pillars.

The New Busy site

“The new busy: are fluent in emoticon, make pancakes into exotic animal shapes, look for interesting ways to be bored, like to fill the calendar, woke up with a bunch of stamps on their hand, put their pants on both legs at a time, are not too busy, have a spam bodyguard, would be open to taking a class in their sleep, think 9 to 5 is a cute idea, have 100 good reasons why it will work, might tell you their secret sauce recipe, prefer one-stop inboxing, make beavers look lazy, give you links before linking up, like it when their emails get along, don’t need a desk to get it done, always keep a suitcase packed.”


The New Busy campaign was developed at Creature Seattle.

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