The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

What will the future of advertising look like? The answer depends on whether or not traditional advertising agencies truly embrace the power of digital to reach consumers and build brands in new, exciting ways. “The Last Advertising Agency on Earth” is a film is about what might happen if they don’t. And the agenda behind the film? “Don’t become the last advertising agency on earth. Attend FITC Toronto April 25th to 27th, 2010″.

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

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The Last Advertising Agency on Earth spot was developed for FITC at Saatchi & Saatchi Canada by executive creative director Brett Channer, creative director/art director Helen Pak, associate creative director/copywriter Brian Sheppard.

Filming was shot by Jason Zada via Tool of North America, with executive producer Erich Joiner, producer Kelly Christianson and director of photography Ketil Dietrichson.

Editor was Richard Unruh at Rooster Post. Digital production was produced at Lunch Inc by executive producer Amy Miranda, colourist Eric Whipp and Flame artist Mike Bishop.

Music was produced at Pirate Toronto by executive producer Tom Eymundson, composer Brendan Quinn.

FITC Events began as festivals for Flash developers and have emerged as a digital interface for several disciplines. When registering for the FITC Toronto conference you can get 10% off by using the code: lastagency.

  • Richardvz

    Funny that – the only people who think that TV ads are dying or dead are the internet and online advertising companies.

    The internet is just another medium. So stop tying to sell me your scare tactics. It isn’t working. Now – where’s that TV script?

    Don’t worry little internet people – I’ll post it online too so you don’t feel left out ok?

  • Gert-Jan

    I think the viral is a little bit exaggerated but it demonstrates the naive thinking of some agencies. They are not up to date anymore and cannot beat interactive agencies and social media agencies. I found nice article about this here:

  • Richardvz

    Gert-Jan. They should be working together and not be seen as separate entities. It just makes campaigns more complete. TV will never die. There is always a way…

  • wollstonecraft

    well, TV is just a medium that will be soon replaced by computer screens/digital TV/mobile internet or whatever you wanna call it these days… commercial will still be run on these new gizmos though, cos lot of people like to watch rather than read.. so, it’s more to the medium revolution that is taking place very soon