The Girl Effect

The Nike Foundation was founded and began its exclusive focus on adolescent girls in the developing world in 2004. Nike had the challenge of applying the sports-related focus on the power of human potential to the issue of poverty in the developing world, where many of Nike’s products are produced. The theory is that when girls have resources they invest them in their families. When communities are educated about the importance of girls’ health, everyone’s health improves. When a girl is HIV free, her future children are as well. When girls support one another, that support spreads throughout communities. Here’s a few elements from the Girl Effect awareness and fundraising campaign, launched in 2008 online at, Facebook and YouTube. The campaign is currently raising funds for work in Haiti.

The World is a Mess

The introductory video, launched in May 2008, features motionography by Matthew Smithson.

Click on the image below to play the “Girl Effect Intro” video.

“I Dare You” is a live action video designed to introduce the world to the realities lived out by real adolescent women.

Click on the image below to play the “I Dare You” video.

Four live action videos provide a glimpse into the Nike Foundation’s partnership with organisations in Bangladesh and Ethiopia.

Click on the image below to play the story of Shumi, Bangladesh in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the story of Sanchita, Bangladesh in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the story of Kidan, Ethiopia, in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the story of Addis, Ethopia in YouTube

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Change starts with a girl


Wieden+Kennedy Portland by executive creative directors Jelly Helm and Steve Luker, creative directors Tyler Whisnand, copywriter Jessica vacek, art director Julia Blackburn, interactive art director Paul Bjork, interactive producer Jeremy Lind, content producer (broadcast) Melanie Fedunok, content producer (art buying) Krystle Mortimore, interactive studio artist Rebecca Kading.

Design and development was done at Grow Interactive.

Animation was produced by director manvsmagnet (Matt Smithson) via Curious Pictures with head of production John Cline, executive producer Mary Knox, producer Nathan Jew and creator Matt Atkins.

Audio post production was done at Elias Arts. Elias Arts founder/composer Jonathan Elias, said “The music for ‘The Girl Effect’ was a unique approach to the overall concept.” Adds Nate Morgan, Elias Arts composer/recording engineer, “This spot was really special, in that the visuals were so engaging while being so simple. It was great being able to create a musical narrative to accompany something so creative.”

The vignettes were produced at Joint Editorial by producer Melanie Fedunok, with editors Peter Wiedensmith and Katie Turinski.

The Girl Effect

You start the Girl effect

You start the Girl effect