The Gift by Carl Erik Rinsch for Philips Parallel Lines

Philips has released Podarok (The Gift), a short film by Cark Erik Rinsch, one of five videos in the Parallel Lines project. Each of the films features a shared line of dialogue, “What’s that?” “It’s a unicorn”. “I’ve never seen one up close before”. “Beautiful”. “Get away! Get away!” “I’m sorry”. The science fiction short film begins with the delivery of a gift wrapped box, with what promises to be a beautiful “unicorn”. Two lives are lost before a robotic manservant flees with the box on a car chase through Moscow, pursued by police.

The Gift by Carl Erik Rinsch


The Parallel Lines project was developed at DDB London by creative director Neil Dawson, copywriter Sam Oliver, art director Shishir Patel, agency producer Lucinda Ker and Natalie Powell, business director Neill Rob. Digital agency was Tribal DDB Amsterdam. Media planner was Paul Owen-Richardson at Carat Worldwide.

Filming was shot by director Carl Erik Rinsch via RSA Films, with executive producers Caspar Delaney and Kai Lu Hsiung, producer Margo Mars, production manager Imogen De Trafford, costume designer Susie Coulthard. Facility management in Moscow was by Monty, producer James Elkus, 1st assistant director Andrew Ramazov, director of photography Roman Vas’yanov, art director Denis Lischenko, stunt coordinator Viktor Ivanov.

Rinsch is currently working with Universal on 47 Ronin and the remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon. Commercials directed by Rinsch include Once Rasca, Audi Intelligently Combined, Nike Runner/Exploit Yourself, Kia Sorento Joy Ride, Saturn Evolution, Mercedes Opera, BMW Road Color and Kia Sorento Joyride.

Editors were Dayn Williams and Dan Swietlik at Cut & Run with assistant editor Sterling Robertson and producer Carr Schilling.

Visual effects were produced at Big Lazy Robot by VFX supervisor J.J. Palomo, with original robot design by Jeff Julian.

Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company by head of data lab Chris Vinzce, colourist Mark Gethin, producer Louisa Cartwright.

Music is by Amon Tobin.

Sound was designed and mixed at 740 Sound Design by designers Rommel Molina, Andrew Tracy and Eddie Kim, executive producer Scott Ganary and mixer Mike Franklin.