Temper Trap Love Lost

The Temper Trap, a Melbourne band with a growing international reputation, have released a music video for their single, “Love Lost”, from the debut album, “Condition”, featuring schoolboys and schoolgirls jogging through a miserable English day. A physical education teacher barks out order, sending the boys in white through a gruelling exercise, briefly joined by girls in red uniforms.

Temper Trap Love Lost Boys

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Filming was shot by director Dougal Wilson via Blink Productions, London, with director of photography Lasse Frank.

Check out also Hugh Mitton’s winning entry in the 2009 music video contest run by Temper Trap via Genero TV. The video was compiled from 17000 still images.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Download “Love Lost” music video online at iTunes: Love Lost – The Temper Trap

  • patrick snelling

    The Temper Trap film of the song Love Lost created a Proust like moment sending me back to a gritty 1970’s east London school every Friday after lunch having to survive a ‘cross country’ run through streets and parks come rain or shine.
    Ex-army PE staff at every escape point either shouting or encouraging the wiry, plotting, muddied youth. I now live in Melbourne, home to the Temper Trap and the song is pretty good too.