Teleflora for Valentines Day

Teleflora has continued the talking flowers theme in the 2010 Super Bowl with “Mr Warmth”, a commercial focused on Valentines Day. The spot begins with a smug office worker staring into her mirror as she fends off her polite but mousy colleague who needs assistance with paperwork. When an office sycophant swoops in to deliver her a cardboard box of flowers, the woman snatches them with a look of supreme self satisfaction. She is alarmed, however, to see the cantankerous bunch of wilted and discolored flowers explode from the box. “Who sends flowers in box?” one of the flowers demands (voiced by Don Rickles), its pedals opening and closing to sputter his complaints. “That’s the same thing cigarettes and dead people come in. Is it your cousin, or did you meet him in prison?” The woman slams the box in horror. Meanwhile, her mousy coworker is delighted to see a Teleflora deliveryman approach her with a beautiful keepsake vase full of the company’s hand-arranged flowers.

Teleflora Super Bowl 2010 commercial

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The Talking Flowers campaign was developed at Roll International’s inhouse agency Fire Station by producer Carolyn Casey and assistant producer Tim Munday.

Filming was shot by director Tim Hamilton via Go Film.

Post production and visual effects were produced at Asylum by VFX producer Mark Kurtz, VFX coordinator Jennie Burnett, executive producer Michael Pardee, lead inferno artist Rob Trent, CG supervisor/lead animator Mike Warner, compositor Tim Davies, Rotoscope artists Daniel Linger, Stephanie Ide and Kenneth Lui., with conform by Alex Gomez, tracking by Michael Lori, texture by John Hart, lighting byEric Pender, and matchmoving by Jason Locke.