Tap Project Happy Angel Water Drop

The UNICEF TAP Project, a campaign started in 2007 in support World Water Day, began with New York restaurants inviting customers to donate $1 for their tap water to raise funds for bringing clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world. The TAP Project Los Angeles, which began in 2008, features an angel water drop, bringing “Angelenos” together in a common cause. This year the icon is called The Happy Angel Water Drop. As spokesdrop for the campaign the Happy Angel Water Drop delivers the harsh realities of the World Water Crisis with a chirpy directness that people are not used to. Hearing such alarming statistics in an upbeat way might make some uncomfortable, illustrating a larger point; when it comes to the sad truths of the World Water Crisis, “There’s no good way to say it.”

TAP Project Bus Shelter

The Los Angeles campaign primarily focuses on two call-to-action messages: Text for Tap and donate at tapprojectradio.org. Text for Tap allows Angelenos to immediately donate $5 to Unicef clean water projects. Tap Project Radio offers two weeks of unique content in exchange for a donation. The radio schedule will feature celebrity guest DJs playing their favorite music, as well as interviews with Unicef ambassadors and in-field staff who have recently been to Haiti to aid relief efforts.

TAP Project Los Angeles

TAP Project Los Angeles

TAP Project Los Angeles

TAP Project Los Angeles


LA Tap 2010 campaign was developed at TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles by group creative directors Chris Adams and Margaret Keene, associate creative director/copywriter Ken Pappanduros, associate creative director/art director Chris Lynch, art director Paulo Cruz, copywriter Justin Horrigan, account supervisor Kelly Tholke and Meghan Tucker, account director Shannon Franqui, assistant account executive Haley Boyan, planner Brad Filice, planning director Tracy Sheerin, digital producer Katie Case, broadcast producers Jane Krull, Chris Spencer, Terry Miglin and assistant producer Alicia Portner, print project managers Jim Juback, Aliza Grover and Holly McGalliard, studio artists Jennifer Tranbarger and Rubi Mendoza, and proofreader Katherine Howells.

OMD media was by Ed Kernan and Ali Sammour, with interactive media by Jessica Chow, print media by Christine Browne, radio media by Cathy Karaswa.

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