Tamiya Model Kit Business Card

Tamiya is a company specialising in producing plastic and resin kits and accessories for modellers. Tamiya Siam in Thailand have designed their business card to reflect the nature of their products, designed as a sample modeling kit. Tamiya wanted to expand their customer base, though Tamiya’s products are only able to be truly appreciated when you get your hands on it. The novelty of the concept became a topic of conversation between modeling enthusiasts, leading to people rushing to the shops, specifically requesting a name card. The card won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010.

Tamiya Name Card

Tamiya Name Card


The Business Card was designed at Creative Juice G1 (TBWA), Bangkok, by chief creative officer Thirasak Tanapatanakul, executive creative director Thirasak Tanapatanakul, graphic director Tienchutha Rukhavibul, art directors Manasit Imjai, Tienchuths Rukhavibul and Thirasak Tanapatanakul, designers Manasit Imjai and Tienchutha Rukhavibul.

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