TAC Get Some Sleep on Good Friday

TAC, the Victorian government’s Transport Accident Commission, has launched a print and radio advertising campaign for Easter, encouraging people to avoid driving if they’re sleep deprived. A black print advertisement, with text in the shape of a white cross, provides the narrative of a young mum who crashes on her way home from work, on Good Friday.

TAC Easter Road Safety Cross print ad

I know I looked terrible. Lack of sleep does that, because your body produces heaps more skin cells when you’re asleep. No sleep, no skin repair. The things you learn too late. After Elsie came along the candle was burning at both ends. Poor love. Previous night she’d had a nightmare and we’d been up for hours. Snakes. It must have been that trip to the zoo. Then my shift started at seven. I almost put my hand cream on my toothbrush that Friday. Away with the pixies. They talk of sleep debt. Mine was more like the national debt. If too little sleep can cause Chernobyl and the Exxon Valdez, what chance did I have? All that day I felt like I was living under water. It comes with teh territory when you’re a working Mum. A sleep anorexic, starving myself of the most essential life force of all. But on Saturday I’d get a good lie-in, snuggled up to Elsie, buried in her warm Elsie smells. It’s only a short trip. My eyes glazed over and I missed a turn. WHoops, and a red light. But I’d be home soon and she’d rush up the hallway to show me the drawing she’d done with Nanna. Mid-afternoon. Siesta time. It’s not such a bad way to die. You’re in a trance for the last couple of seconds. The brain has already said “I’m out of here”. The dotted white line. Then a pole I must have passed a hundred times without noticing it. And now Mummy won’t be there for Elsie’s Easter egg hunt.

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The Easter ad was developed at Grey Melbourne by creative director/copywriter Nigel Dawson, art director Pete Becker, typographer Amahl Weeratne, and agency producer Sandi Gracin.

The radio ad was directed by Dylan Stephens via Risk Sound, Melbourne, with producer Phil Webster.

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