Suraj LCD Pixels

Suraj Electronics in Gurgaon ran a print advertising campaign featuring well known movies and works of art using pixels. “If one pixel can tell you a story, imagine what one million pixels can. LCD TVs with Full HD Now Available.” Check out Titanic, The Beatles on Abbey Road, Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, Men In Black, Pink Panther, Michael Jordan in Space Jam, Superman and Michael Jackson’s signature move.

Suraj Titanic

Suraj The Beatles on Abbey Road

Suraj Last Supper

Suraj Men in Black

Suraj Pink Panther

Suraj Space Jam

Suraj Superman

Suraj Michael Jackson


The Suraj Pixels campaign was developed at JWT India, Mumbai, by executive creative director Soumitra Karnik, creative director/copywriter Sachin Das Burma, art director/illustator Kunal Gaur.

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