Supreme Security Job Offer

Supreme Security, a private international security company in Switzerland, used metal tablets smuggled through baggage scanners to recruit new employees. Working with Advico Y&R the company outfitted employees who regularly travel abroad with a metal tablet that they placed in their hand luggage. Machined into the tablet was a written job offer which the person at the security check could read on the baggage scanner. Baggage security staff at national and international airports around Europe were constantly exposed to the offer. Supreme Security has had no trouble filling vacant positions. About a third of the people asked in job interviews said they were made aware of Supreme Security by the action. The campaign won Gold at the One Awards, Gold at the Epica Awards, along with Bronze Promo Activation and Media Lions at Cannes.

Supreme Security Job Offer

Gelangweilt? Bewerben Sie sich bei uns. (Bored? Inquire about a job with us). Unter Uns. Bei uns können Sie mehr verdienen. (Between us, with us you can earn more). “Entdeckt! Sie haben test fur einen Job bei uns bestanden”. (Discovered! You have passed test number one for a job with us).

Supreme Security Job Offer


The Job Offer campaign was developed at Advico Y&R Zürich by chief creative officer Markus Gut, executive creative director Philipp Skrabal, creative director Lars Blöchlinger, copywriter Andi Portmann, art directors Isabelle Hauser and Björn Blöchlinger, typographer Annik Weber, account manager Daniela Britt.

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