Subway sends Michael Phelps Landswimming

Subway comes close to running an ambush television advertising campaign with “Landswimming”, a television commercial featuring Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps on his way to what can only be assumed to be the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Phelps swims right through the wall of an indoor pool, ripping up concrete as he strokes across a street, past a Subway restaurant where, the ad indicates: “Phelps fuels up . . . so he can get to where the action is this winter.” Phelps swims through fields of grain, heading north on the USA map towards Vancouver.

Michael Phelps Landswimming


The Landswimming campaign was developed at MMB, Boston. Filming was shot by director Ian Hunter via New Deal Studios. Sound and music were produced at So Loud, New York, by composer Nathan Kil and sound designer Paul Riggio.