Strongbow Bankers Are Back

Heineken UK has released a new anti-banker commercial for Strongbow Cider, to be shown in cinemas before screenings of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Honours, set in a British cathedral/pub, combines the dark humour found in the 2009 Braveheart-inspired advert, Bowtime, and the celebratory nature of the March 2010 advert, Honours. Honours celebrated the efforts of sofa delivery men, burglar alarm engineers and pork pie fillers who keep Britain going. The Bankers ad starts with a commendation for weathering the storm and suffering the slings of unwarranted criticism but finishes with some financial advice from the blue collar workers of London.

Strongbow Bankers advert

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The Strongbow campaign was developed at St Luke’s, London, by creatives Julian Vizard and Alan Young, and agency producer Jessie Middleton.

Filming was shot by director James Rouse via Outsider, London, with director of photography Alex Melman. Editor was Bill Smedley at Work Post.

VFX were produced at The Moving Picture Company by Post Producer Josh King, VFX Supervisors Jim Radford, Anthony Bloor and Tom Harding, 3D Team: Ashley Bernes, Tim Civil, Rod McFall, Chris Petts, Monica Taddei, 2D Team Kelly Bruce, Greg Howe-Davies, Yann Larochette, and colorist Paul Harrison.