Stripes for Stamps

There Are More Than 11 Trillion Things To Learn. So begins the promotional video for the 2009 Kinderpostzegel Childrens’ Stamps series, featuring art designed by Christian Borstlap and animation by Paul Postma. The short film showcases the “Stripes for Stamps” design used on stamps and postcards sold in the Netherlands by children for the Koninklijke TNT Post charity, Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland (SKN).

Kinderpostzegel Stamps

Borstlap took “the things you don’t learn from a book” as inspiration for his stamps, which each offer a visual piece of advice for young minds, “things that are perhaps more important than learning your four times table,” he says. The advice includes: “Together is better”, “Trying is the same as learning” and, our favourite, “Something boring can be beautiful, if you look at it upside down.” Borstlap has also included the advice as a written list in the stamps’ sheet margin, so that people can match up the text with the graphics (which also appear in a book of postcards).

See the video with Dutch text on YouTube. The sound has been removed due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group. Click on the image below to play the video..


The Stripes for Stamps campaign was designed by Christian Borstlap. Animation was by Paul Postma. Sound was by Jasper Boeke. Music is “Brother John”, from the album Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin Music is My Medicine. See more on Clutchy Hopkins.

Brother John – Music Is My Medicine

The film has been shown at Colette in Paris, the Future Film Festival in Bologna and The Pictoplasma Animation Festival in Berlin.