Stop The Traffik Act Now

Stop The Traffik is raising awareness of human trafficking in the United States with “Act Now”, a 90 second PSA directed by Paul Santana. The PSA’s intentionally blurry, disjointed imagery includes shattering glass, the forging of ID cards, a posting of a missing person, a fishnet-clad woman on the dirty bed, dented cars traversing back allies, women with empty stares in a crowded textile factory and flashes of harsh daylight exposing the injustice. In the background, whispers echo in various languages as a non-native English speaker narrates, “This country seems so endless, you can drive and drive and never see another person. You can be lost and so hard to find. I’m still here, but you don’t see me. So I scream to be heard. I scream to be found.” As the PSA progresses, more and more images of shattering glass build to a crescendo, heaping onto the floor under the closing super, “Human Trafficking. In America. Break the Silence. Act now, go to”

Stop the Traffik Act Now PSA with shoes and broken glass

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming was shot by director Paul Santana via Rabbit with director of photography Greg Daniels. Post production was by Joe Laffey at The Stable. Editor was Stewart Shevin at Beast. Music and sound were produced at Barking Owl.