Stick With Me Baby

A Macbook? Meh. A Macbook with hair? Oh yeah! Check out StickWithMeBaby, a collection of stickers designed to personalize the apple logo on your MacBook with loads of ‘tude. It’s not for everyone. Check out the MacBook Bros and the MacBook Mos, two sets of stickers designed to bring 1970s male fashion to your Mac. The suite is online at and comes complete with Facebook and Twitter features. Future additions are planned, such as the tentatively titled: Macbook Sistas.

Stick With Me Mos stickers

Stick With Me Bros stickers

Stick With Me Designer set

Stick With Me Designer with MacBook


The Stick With Me collection was designed at Herraiz Soto & Co, Barcelona, a design company featuring a creative team made up of Aussies, Spaniards and Yanks: creative directors Rafa Soto, Marzban Cooper, designer Dave Glass, copywriter Kate Thomas and project manager Paulina Arana.

“The idea originally started out as an internal joke within the agency” stated Rafa Soto, founder and creative director of Herraizsoto& co. “Now that everyone and his dog has a Mac, we no longer felt special” he lamented. “We also believe that nobody should have their self-expression stifled behind a silver Mac, just as we wouldn’t suggest dressing head to toe in beige. You use your Mac to express yourself, so why not do it on the Mac itself?”

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