Staedtler History Written By Those Who Never Stop

Staedtler Pens needed an eye-catching campaign to demonstrate their new long lasting pens. Their print advertising campaign, developed by Bates 141, Mumbai, was aimed mainly at students, who would benefit from these pens when writing their exams and for school and college projects. The Bates 141 team hit on the idea of making a complete, elaborate picture with a single line. A line that never stops. The subjects, Neil Armstrong, Man on the Moon, Alexander Graham Bell, Bell Calling, and Edmund Hillary, Conquering Mt Everest, were chosen to represent historical moments of success as the culmination of the unrelenting spirit of perseverance. “History is written by those who never stop”.

Staedtler Man on the Moon

Staedtler Bell Calling

Staedtler Conquering Mt Everest


The Staedtler campaign was developed at Bates 141, Mumbai, by chief creative officer Sonal Dabral, executive creative director/copywriter Russell Barrett, associate creative director/art director/illustrator Manish Darji, illustrator Vinayak Kurade, client account director Ullas K Nair, agency account director Subhash Rao.