Sprite Drake Unleashed Forever

Drake, Toronto, rapper, actor and recording artist, features in Sprite’s latest cinema and television advertising campaign, “Unleashed”, in which he records his track, “Forever”. Looking for inspiration in the studio Drake opens a bottle of Sprite. His body appears to come apart, piece by piece, to allow for refreshment and rehydration, before being reassembled. “Forever” is Drake’s single recorded in collaboration with Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem and released as a single from the soundtrack to LeBron James’s More Than a Game documentary.

Drake in Sprite commercial

“It happens all the time, it’s the beautiful struggle,” says Drake of having similar real-life experiences like the one depicted in the commercial, which will air in a 30 and a 60 second version. “For an artist who’s a perfectionist, much like Lil Wayne, who I take my inspiration from, you may sit there for 20 minutes or three days writing. I’m working on a song right now with such a strong hook that I’ve been trying to match the energy of what I have so far for days.”

The ad also features Drake’s real life long-time collaborators: producers 40 and Boy Wonder.

“The day we were shooting they had generic extras in this beautiful set they had created. I told them, ‘look, honestly, this is not really how I record. My recording sessions don’t look like a party, we actually come to work’,” says Drake. “To make it a genuine studio moment I asked if 40 and Boy Wonder could be a part of it, they are key elements behind my creative process. To have all three of us in the commercial was a glorious moment for me.”

The Spark

The “Spark” campaign is an integrated marketing effort that includes TV, digital, out-of-home and mobile applications. “Spark” will consist of two stages, one focused on music and a second on film. The film campaign will be comprised of innovative commercials featuring Drake as well as film director Rik Cordero and China-based singer/songwriter Jay Chou. The Sprite “Spark” Music Project, an online interactive music mixer that enables people to make their own tunes and/or remix music from Drake with music from emerging artists around the world, which is launching in March; and the Sprite “Spark” Film Project, due to launch in April, will provide people with the tools and content to edit their own 45-second animated films.

“Unleashed” will run in four markets, Phillipines, Turkey, South Africa and the U.S.A., where it debuted during the pre-Super Bowl broadcast.


The Spark campaign was developed at BBH New York by creative directors Kevin Roddy and Amee Shah, art director Erik Holmdahl, copywriter Beth Ryan, account executive Kelly Donahue, account director Ty Kenig, planner Bryan Smith, agency producer Jen Moore.

Filming was shot by director Ben Steiger Levine via A White Label Product with director of photography Chris Soos, executive producers Ellen Jacobson-Clarke, Annique Decaestecker, line producer Lynn Zekanis.

Editor was Steve Gandolfi at Cut & Run, New York, with executive producer Angie Aguilera, producer Beth Fitzpatrick.

VFX were produced at MassMarket by lead Flame artists Nick Tanner, executive producer Rich Rama, SFX/Post supervisor Aleen Kim, and many more.

Music was produced at Squeak E Clean Productions, Los Angeles, with executive producer Zach Sinick.

Sound was mixed at Sound Lounge, New York.