SpecSavers Das Boot

Specsavers optical solutions are celebrated in their latest online video, “Sub” a pastiche of Wolgang Petersen’s classic 1980s U Boat epic, Das Boot. The subtitled film sees a grim-faced WWII German submarine crew go to action stations and get a bit more than they bargained for with a randy but myopic whale. Shot at Gosport’s Royal Navy Submarine Museum, the film has a cinematic feel, with the starring whale being created in CG. The spot naturally ends with Specsavers’ now legendary strapline: ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers’.

Specsavers Das Boot

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Das Boot Sub viral campaign was developed at SpecSavers Creative by creatives Mark de la Rue and Jon Crocker, planner Tim Langlois and producer Sam Lock.

Filming was shot by director Cris Mudge via Mustard, London, with senior producer John Doris. Post production was done at Golden Square. Audio post production was done at Grand Central.

Specsavers copywriter, Jon Crocker, adds: ‘There are some interesting sounds in there, such as rivets popping, but we realised that those sorts of things would be lost in a noisy environment, like a crowded pub. Cris Mudge’s solution was to dub the German dialogue over the top, which adds an extra layer of realism and helps to establish the whale’s presence.’