SpecSavers Big Noise

Specsavers Creative has applied the brand’s trademark tone-of-voice to its hearing centre advertising in a new TV campaign called ‘Big Noise’. An urban is street disturbed by an obnoxiously loud drum n’ bass track thumping through a car as it drives by. The pumping bass line shakes a man’s full English and bumps corner shop fruit around. Noisy workmen are interrupted by the beat and it even captures the attention of some local sink estate kids. But as the car turns a corner, the driver is revealed as a sweet old lady. Her deaf choice of tune crescendos by shattering bus shelter glass before a title fades up: “Need a hearing test? Should’ve gone to Specsavers Hearing Centres.”

Specsavers Noise

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Big Noise campaign was developed at Specsavers Creative by creative director/copywriter Graham Daldry, art director Steve Loftus, with media agency MEC.

‘Big Noise’ marks a new strategy in targeting a younger audience of over 50s plus their friend and family influencers. Specsavers creative director, Graham Daldry, said: “Hearing products are traditionally advertised in hushed, sweep-it-under-the-carpet tones. So it was nice to be given the opportunity to do things differently and break the mould. In fact, that reflects Specsavers’ approach to the hearing market as a whole very well.”

Filming was shot by director Sara Dunlop via Rattling Stick, London, with producer Stuart Bentham. Post production was done at Finish. Editing was done at The Assembly Rooms. Audio post production was done at Clear Cut.

The chosen music track was recorded by the teenagers who perform in the commercial. Rattling Stick director Sara Dunlop street cast the young adults from a local college. After asking what music they wanted to hear coming from the car, they put forward their own track, “Get Mad Now”, because they are, in fact, music technology students from Carshalton College. Calling themselves DRT, the track will soon be released on their own label, Get Mad Records, and will be digitally distributed through New State Entertainment.