Sony Bravia Reveals More in Monolothic Monologues

Sony has recruited former Spice Girl Mel B, actor Martin Freeman and Blur bass player Alex James, to bear their souls in a series of revealing monologues to uncover a lesser known side to them. It’s all part of the campaign to introduce the new range of Sony Bravia Monolithic television screens.

Martin Freeman Monologue

The first video in the series features Mel B who reveals a very surprising softer and warmer side to the notoriously loud-mouthed Scary Spice. The clip forms part of a collection of videos to launch the new range of Sony BRAVIA™ High Definition televisions with in-built Freeview HD, where they allow viewers to see familiar faces in a different light, just as High Definition allows you to view television in a way you haven’t before. Speaking about the project, Mel B said: “I got involved with the campaign as I was intrigued by the concept of the reveal and seeing something new. As a personality in the public eye, you’re often put in a box as one thing and it’s nice to speak about something that perhaps will surprise people. Sony is great brand to be associated with and the televisions are beautiful and stylish, and totally fit in with contemporary living.”

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Martin Freeman bears his soul in this revealing monologue to uncover a lesser known side to his personality. In the characteristic dry humour of many of his on-screen aliases, Martin tells how he would like to have Jesus over to dinner just to get to the truth and that he would cook him pasta because he does love Italian. Speaking about the campaign, he commented: “Well, personally I was drawn to the project by the notion of seeing something familiar in a new light. As an actor you’re often typecast as playing a particular role, or automatically associated with a specific character – so in that sense it’s nice to be able to show a different side.”

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