Solidarités International Water Talks

On World Water Day 2009 Solidarités International built an extraordinary wall of water right in the heart of Paris to generate public awareness about the devastating ramifications of unsafe drinking water. Unsafe drinking water is still the primary cause of death in the world today. Each year, it leads to deadly illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, malaria, diarrhea and trachoma in almost 8 million people, including nearly 1.8 million children. BDDP & Fils created a whole new kind of billboard, using water as the medium, conveying poignant messages that made people realize the vast extent of damages caused by unsafe drinking water all around the globe. The billboard was set up in Place du Palais Royal at the Louvre over one week.

Solidarites Water Talks - I Kill


The Water Talks campaign was developed at BDDP & Fils, Paris, by creative director Guillaume Chifflot, art director David Derouet and copywriter Emmanuel de Dieleveult. Filming was shot by directors Les J and J (Julien Rigoulot and Julien Pasquier) via Cosa, Paris.

Solidarites Water Talks - Drinking