Sochi 2014 Branding

Sochi 2014, the next Winter Olympics and Paralympics, has started the four year countdown with a dedicated site,, YouTube channel and Twitter stream and Flickr photo stream. Sochi 2014 is striving to make Russia’s first Winter Games an embodiment of peaceful, productive dialogue between peoples. The Sochi 2014 emblem maintains a dialogue between the past and the future. Fusing various dimensions of Russian culture, the brand can promote several images of Russia as a country rich in history, open to opportunities, committed to equality and celebrating diversity. The city of Sochi sits at the meeting point of the sea and the mountains. This is reflected in the Sochi 2014 emblem, which is like the sea acting as a mirror to reflect the mountains.

Sochi 2014 Brand

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The Sochi 2014 brand was developed by brand consultancy Interbrand and an Expert Brand Council established by the Sochi 2014 organising committee. The Brand Council included leading figures from sport, branding and marketing, and the arts, with a mixture of Russian and overseas experts.

Sochi 2014 Brand Mountains

Sochi 2014 Brand Hockey

Sochi 2014 Brand Snow Boarder

Sochi 2014 Stadium

Sochi 2014 Skier

Sochi 2014 Helmet and Shoes

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