Smirnoff Transparent From Inside

Smirnoff has released a new commercial taking the unusual approach of putting the viewer within the product to see just how pure it really is. “At Smirnoff we triple distil and filter ten times because we believe that a purer vodka is a better vodka. Can you see what we mean? Why compromise?”

Smirnoff Transparent

As the camera is within the vodka, we can only glimpse the text and bottle through the lens of the bubbles within it. This naturally disfigures the text, matching the mysteriously beautiful forms and textures of the bubbles themselves. Be prepared for a scratchy bubbly music backing however.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Transparent ad was developed at JWT London by creative directors Anita Davis and Jonathan Budds with agency producer Denise Connell.

Filming was shot by directors Jason Kedgley and Dylan Kendal at Tomato with director of photography Alex Lamarque and producer Cathy Hood at Believe Media. Offline editor was Richard Anthony.

Visual effects were produced at Glassworks by Flame artist Glyn Tebbutt, producers Phil Linturn and Amanda Ryan. Working closely with Jason and Dylan from Tomato, Glyn Tebbutt had to create the watery distortions to the type in Flame, creating a typographic treatment that had to be both interesting and legible. The beauty work ranged from setting the crisp grade, allowing us to appreciate the clarity of the product, through to painstakingly painting out hundreds of individual bubbles. Glyn also introduced Smirnoff-red highlights and momentary flashes of the label to individual bubbles, to improve the branding in a creative, subtle, and almost subliminal way.