Smirnoff Stampede

Smirnoff is presented as the vodka with a reputation for purity in “Stampede”, a television commercial directed by Fredrik Bond. A woman rides on a white horse loaded with Smirnoff vodka, surrounded by a herd of wild white horses, pursued by a black wolf across arctic tundra. A dark cloud infiltrates the herd, symbolising the effect of the wolf’s presence, only to be seen off by the rider. “Purity must be protected”.

Smirnoff Stampede

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Stampede was developed at JWT New York by creatives Bee Reynolds, Keshni Sharma and Tony Stern, agency producer Angela Buck.

Filming was shot by director Fredrik Bond via MJZ with producer Alicia Richards and director of photography Joost van Gelder.

Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company by VFX supervisor Andrew Bell, VFX team Duncan McWilliam (Lead 3D), Danny Wynne, Phil Hartmann, Anthony Rizzo, Casey McDermott, Geoff Pedder, David Mayhew, Jake Montgomery (Lead 2D), Maciek Sokalski, Brinton Jaecks, Brett Reyenger, Ben Persons, John Roden, Katrina Salicrup, colorists Paul Harrison and Mark Gethin.

Editor was Tim Thornton-Allan at Union Editorial and Marshall Street Editors.