Smirnoff Purified Football

Smirnoff is running a commercial featuring Manchester United football stars Rio Ferdinand, Ji-sung Park and Ryan Giggs playing a liquid surreal form of their game. After 60 seconds of synchronised swimming/kicking a Smirnoff bottle emerges from the liquid, with the super, “Discover Extraordinary Purity”.

Smirnoff Ferdinand

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The Extraordinary Purity campaign was developed at JWT Sydney by executive creative director Angus Hennah, creatives Simon Armour and Blair Kimber, agency producers Gerry Hamill and Renata Barbosa, account managers Penny Sarfati, Jasmin Bedir and Natalie Van Beurden, working with Diageo marketing manager Jeffrey Lemon.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Askill via Collider with producer Nicholas Wrathall, director of photography Alex Lamarque and editor Lorin. Post production was done at Animal Logic. Sound was produced at Nylon Studios, Sydney.

  • Martina

    Beautiful execution. But I don’t get the connection between ManU and the vodka.

  • Levon

    Realisation is Marvelous, but I also don’t see the connection. One coul’d replace vodka at the end by virtually anything, including Fairy, an anty persperant or PS. Are there any countryes where vodka advertisment is still legal anyway?

  • Michael Jones

    Looks expensive, is Smirnoff expensive???….I don’t think so

  • Sorry, but where’s the idea ???

    • pure waste of money…

    • Michael Jones

      The idea is to show purity, which is on-brief. But the execution looks premium, which Smirnoff is not a premium brand.