OVK Slow Down App

European road safety organisation OVK (Parents of Children Killed in Road Accidents) has launched the Slow Down iPhone app, designed to raise awareness on carelessness while driving. The music-based warning app uses GPS to work out the speed of the car and kicks into action when the driver exceeds the speed limit. If he or she drives faster than the speed limit, the Slow Down app makes the music track slow down reminding the driver to slow down. If the driver exceeds the speed limit by more than 10km per hour the music stops altogether. The music will resume as the driver slows back down to the speed limit. The Slow Down app is downloadable for free from the itunes store. A video on how it works can be viewed on the campaign website at www.slowdown.be

Slow Down App


The Slow Down app was developed at Happiness Brussels by creative manager Karen Corrigan, creative director Gregory Titeca, creatives Naim Baddich, Carl Hansenne, Patrick Glorieux with programming by Lucky Frame.

Happiness Brussels’ brief was to highlight the dangers of fast driving particularly to a young audience. Research has demonstrated that when listening to music young people tend to drive faster, reducing concentration and reaction time and significantly increasing the risk of serious accidents.

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