Skoda Superb Boot Remote on TV

The Skoda Superb Estate remote control boot was test driven by television viewers in Poland this year with a pair of television commercials designed for Skoda Auto Poland. The majority of Polish TV viewers in Poland watch TVP1 on Channel 1 and TVP2 on Channel 2, a legacy from the days when only two channels were available. Two commercials were broadcast simultaneously on the two channels, one with the boot open, one with the boot closed. To open or close the boot, viewers just needed to use their television remote to change the channel. The campaign won a Bronze Direct Lion at Cannes and has just been awarded the Grand Prix for Film at the Golden Drum Awards.

Skoda Superb Boot Remote TV ad

Click on the image below to play the case study video in YouTube


The Boot Remote campaign was developed at Change Integrated, Warsaw, by creative directors Jakub Korolczuk and Ryszard Sroka, copywriter Jan Majle, art director Andrzej Ratajczyk and project manager Piotr Niemczyfski.

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  • Levon

    What they don’t mention, is that it never actually worked because of Sloppyness of TV channel and delays in TV signal transmission. Pepole figured what the spot was about form internet. Also TVP1 & TVP2 are watched mainly by elder people, who are not exaxctly rich enough to buy new cars and if so, they rather wouldnt buy such an expencive uncritical feature for they care. So what we have at the bottom line. Pretty good Idea, that was realised the worst way possyble.
    BTW if the Change Integrated was a little bit more smart, they yould know that in Poland the biggest digital satellite TV provider Polsat ships decoders with preset channel numeration, so thay could emit the the ad on much more popular TVN and Polsat channels, as those have the similar numbers on 99,9% of satellite decoders across the Poland.

  • Really nice!