Sherwin Williams Paint Chips Animated

Sherwin Williams, the USA paint specialist, is running an advertising campaign focused on their paint chip palettes, connecting viewers and readers with the color tools available for architects, designers and home planners. The integrated advertising campaign includes print ads, Birdhouse, Icecream and Toy, two animated television commercials, Paint Chips and Bees, and an online competition, Lucky Color, each explore the world of the Sherwin Williams swatch.

Sherwin Williams bee

Paint Chips introduces us to the colors of Arugula. Kiwi, Gusto Gold, Laudible Lime, Leap Frog, and Cardinal Red.

Click on the image below to play the Paint Chips video.

“Bees”, premiered during the American Idol finale, shows a colony of busy bees out for a sun-drenched afternoon adventure, exploring Sherwin colors of Poppy Flower, Poinsettia, Stolen Kiss and Electric Lime.

Click on the image below to play the Bees video.

Sherwin Williams Icecream print ad

Sherwin Williams Baby Toy print ad

Sherwin Williams Bird house print ad


The Paint Chips campaign was developed at McKinney by general creative director Ellen Steinberg, copywriter Jenny Nicholson, art director John Hagerty and producer Josh Eggleston.

The commercials were produced at Buck, New York, by creative director Orion Tait, executive producer Kate Treacy, producer Kevin Hall, lead art director/designer Ben Langsfeld, art director/designer/ CG supervisor/storyboard artist Joshua Harvey, designers Thomas Schmid, Mike Lee, 3D Pipeline manager Chris Hendryx, 3D Modeling/Layout team David Soto, Scott Hubbard, Arvid Volz, Dan Fine, Adam Pearlman, 3D Animation team Joshua Harvey, Jordan Blit, Pete Hamilton, Jason Wolley, Ryan O’Phelan, 3D Lighting/Shading team Ylli Orana, Kevin Couture, Lead compositor Daniel Oeffinger and compositors Conrad Ostwald, Seth Ricart.

Music was produced at Beacon Street by artists Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau, with lyrics by Jenny Nicholson, Andrew Feltenstein, John Nau.

Additional post production was done at Absolute Post by executive producer Sally Heath and Flame artist Nathan Kane.