Schick Hydro Experience

Schick Hydro shaving products are being promoted in the Hydro Experience commercials, featuring micro-vignettes that culminate with a geyser of water shooting dramatically from a man’s face. The blasts of water symbolize the unexpected blast of hydration the razor delivers through its advanced hydrating gel reservoir and Skin Guards. In Boxing, the dramatic splashes emanate from a boxer absorbing a powerful blow in the ring, from a girlfriend playfully tossing a pillow at her boyfriend’s face in bed, from a soccer player diving head-first into the ball, and finally from a man standing before his bathroom mirror, taking the revolutionary new Schick Hydro to his face. Kendo upholds the water motif, using combat between two, sword-fighting martial artists, an innocent striptease between girlfriend and boyfriend, and a game of outdoor hockey to bring home the hydrating effects of Schick Hydro in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Schick Hydro Kendo Experience

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The Hydro Experience campaign was developed at JWT, New York, by chief creative officer Ty Montague (North America) and Harvey Marco (NY), executive creative director Sarah Barclay, creative director/art director Billy Faraut, creative director/copywriter Howard Lenn, director of integrated production Clair Grupp, planner Jason Te Turris, senior producer Kirsten Larson, account team Claire Capeci and Ariel Stern, and music producr Dan Burt.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Benmayor via Anonymous Content, executive producer Jeff Baron, executive producer/head of commercials Dave Morrison, head of production Sue Ellen Clair.

Editor was Saar Klein at Lost Planet, New York.

Post production and effects were produced at MPC (The Moving Picture Company), Los Angeles, by CG artist Duncan McWilliam and Flame artist Franck Lambertz.

Original music was produced at Amber Music.

Audio Post was produced by Andy Green and Mike Janssen at JWTwo.