Santa Meets Death

Tarjeta Naranja (Orange Card), a credit card company in Argentina, has commissioned a tribute to the Christmas Season with a short film featuring Santa and Death. On the night before Christmas Santa (Papá Noel) looks for a gift that will provide his host the ultimate line of credit with Death personified.

Santa and Death

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)


The Santa/Death ad was developed at Rombo Velox, Cordoba, by
creative director/copywriter Toni Curtino, copywriter Matias Quiñonero and art director Guillermo Casas.

Filming was shot by director Pablo Brusa via Prisma Cine.

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  • Federico Pautasso

    Hi. It is a great story. Short but a great story.
    Rombo Velox is from Cordoba not Buenos Aires. A litlle bit diference knowing in Buenos Aires there are a lot of ad agencies.

    • Duncan

      Thanks Federico. Location noted.