Samsung Urban Olympic Games

Samsung is promoting the new Omnia II smart phone with a television commercial connecting into the Vancouver Winter Olympics being held this month. “Urban Olympic Games” stars a hip young city dweller (Jack Wilson) rambling about town, Omnia II in hand, gazing at Olympic Internet coverage. So clear and engaging is the content that his urban environment merges with the onscreen arenas of athletic heroics, transforming an escalator into a steep ski slope, a commuter train into a bobsled track, and a building lobby into an ice rink complete with figure skater (Lucy Morgan).

Samsung Ice Skater


The Urban Olympics Games spot was developed for Samsung Electronics HQ Korea at CHEIL Worldwide, Seoul, by VP/global account director Martin Kang, executive creative director Alistair Wood, account director Arnold Lee, and agency producer Heiki Windfelder.

Filming was shot in London by director Terence Stevens-Prior via Crossroads Films UK with director of photography Paul Herley, executive producer Carly Stone and producer Hera King.

Post production and effects were produced at Acht Frankfurt Digital Solutions by Avid editors Piers Douglas, Bastian Ahrens, Flame artists Heiko Leitsch, Ralf Drechsler, 3D artist Johannes Schlörb, and producer Heiko Winkler.

Music was produced at JSM, New York, by composers Joel Simon, Adam Elk and John “Scrapper” Sneider, with sound designer Jim Nicholson, executive producers Joel Simon and Ross Hopman. Simon’s composition complements the action with a piano-heavy riff that ticks up and down as the onscreen action lessens or intensifies. The sound design is pitch perfect as well, with rocketing noises accompanying the acceleration of the skis and bobsled down the slope.