Samsung Galaxy Cinema in the Hand

Samsung is promoting the Samsung Galaxy S phone in a series of television commercials featuring cinema quality entertainment in the palm of the viewer’s hand. The Super AMOLED screen is put through its paces in “Chase”, “Sci Fi Battle” and “Medieval Clash”, hinting at scenes from movies and games such as Halo, Star Wars and Kingdom of Heaven.

Samsung Galaxy Hand commercial

“Chase” shows a BMW e24 6-series car tearing after a motorcycle through an abandoned industrial landscape, a maze of ruined roads, warehouses, and empty fuel stations. The spot climaxes with the biker hurdling through a window as the car emerges through the wall in a fireball. But when the camera gradually pulls out, the landscape is revealed to be not a maze of earth-bound buildings, but a miniature city nestled in the palm of a human hand.

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A dog fight between two space craft appears to feature Master Chief from Halo, flying around the celestial hand.

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Warriors from a bygone age charge into battle, tumbling over fingers to clash in the valley of the palm.

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The Cinema in the Hand campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Chicago, by creative director/copywriter Colin Selikow, creative director/art director Vince Cook and agency producer Matt Blitz.

Filming was shot by director Daniel Benmayor via Anonymous Content with executive producer Jeff Baron, head of commercials Dave Morrison and head of production Sue Ellen Clair.

Post production and effects were produced at Asylum by VFX supervisor Mitch Drain, lead Flame artist Miles Essmiller, 2D artist Rachel Keyte, 3D artist Jason Locke, paint team Paul Fedor and Tim Clark, executive producer Michael Pardee, bidding producer Cassandra Khavari, producer Darcie Muangman.

Asylum’s most difficult work was creating footage from a bird’s eye view that would be convincing as a real location and match the topography of the actor’s hand for the final reveal. This was done as a matte painting, tracked and composited into plate photography of the hand. Asylum then inserted Samsung’s signature blue line as an element to reveal the phone itself.